Mac Binary of Bforartists 0.9.2 available

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Andre Lauzon was so nice to build a Mac Binary of Bforartists 0.9.2. So we have now also a Mac Build available. It can be found in the Download section.

Many thanks Andre Smile


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Thank you Andre Smile

I was just about to ask why CUDA does not work in my own build that i just made but than i noticed the uploaded binary which works just fine.

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Hi Stefan,

thanks for that Smile

compiling in OSx will fail if you are in wrong Folder than cmake use the wrong config file and last but not least
you must compile not with make you must use make install.

If you will try it self follow all steps from faq and when you have all Sources go to the blender-buil Folder make a new Folder maybe mkdir Release
go there with cd Release now start drom here the configuration process, than don´t leave that Folder and type sudo make install you will know that it
works when you see that the Process tooks a lot of more time than the normal make process from blender faq.

I make a Document for the Wiki in next Days where you can read step by step how it works, but you and all others are also
invited to use the ready for use App in download Section.