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Just some goofing around with the logo in B(lender) for Artists. Wink

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Me gusta.


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I hate to be the party pooper. but it is not Blender for Artists. It is Be For Artists.

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Yes, I know. But I think a lot of people actually read it that way. Wink

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Yes, and this causes trouble with the Blender developers. Some of them may feel a bit offended. And that's not really necessary. Live and let live Smile

Thanks for fixing Smile

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At first glance, I thought it was a splash screen. I've never seen the bforartists logo this large before. It does have rather a lovely gradient background, and the three objects circling about an invisible rotation point are pleasantly glossy. It reminds me of three beluga whales in formation as they play together in an aquarium under blue lights, minus their fins, etc.

George A. Rushing