Grease Pencil Stroke Edit Mode: CTRL+Lclick lasso select not working

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### Needs Work
# Map Grease Pencil Stroke Edit Mode
km ='Grease Pencil Stroke Edit Mode', space_type='EMPTY', region_type='WINDOW', modal=False)

kmi ='gpencil.select_lasso', 'EVT_TWEAK_A', 'ANY', ctrl=True) #Seems to not be a functional system
kmi_props_setattr(, 'deselect', False)
kmi ='gpencil.select_lasso', 'EVT_TWEAK_A', 'ANY', shift=True, ctrl=True)
kmi_props_setattr(, 'deselect', True)
kmi ='gpencil.select_lasso', 'EVT_TWEAK_A', 'ANY', ctrl=True, alt=True)
kmi_props_setattr(, 'deselect', False)
kmi ='gpencil.select_lasso', 'EVT_TWEAK_A', 'ANY', shift=True, ctrl=True, alt=True)
kmi_props_setattr(, 'deselect', True)

CTRL+Moving L mouse
CTRL+SHIFT+Moving L mouse
CTRL+ALT+Moving L mouse
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Moving L mouse

All of these bring up the lasso in edit mode, but lasso does not work, not adding, taking away nor doing anything in BFA, including the new dev builds. This DOES work in Blender with the same shortcuts. With .Bblender you can lasso add points to the GP edit mode.

Tested in: BFA 0.9.5 and Dev Build (11/02/18)  and Blender 2.79


Closed (fixed)
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Mon, 02/12/2018 - 00:01
Wed, 02/28/2018 - 15:58


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I smell an overriding problem here. Since with right mouse button it works in BFA. Hm, should work with left mouse, not with right mouse I-m so happy

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This one's a bigger fish it seems. Action mouse means right mouse button with our left click select standard. Select mouse is the left mouse button. We have quite a few action mouse entries here.

Making the lasso select in grease pencil mode lmb leads to a conflict then. It pulls the vertices around instead. *

And i guess we need to investigate the other cases too. UV Editing for example.

But first let's start with the grease pencil.

* Hm, no, tried again and it seems that it was a hiccup. You need to press ctrl first, then it works. Let's change the keymap, then have a second look.

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It was easier to replace the string in question at once. Open the text file, replace EVT_TWEAK_A by EVT_TWEAK_L, and the keys in question turns into left click select.

Haven't found any conflicts so far.

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Hm, shouldn't we use Select mouse here instead? When somebody switches to right mouse selection,  then we have a problem here I-m so happy

Testing ...

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That's better. And still no conflicts detected.

So you need to replace EVT_TWEAK_A by EVT_TWEAK_S

A few more tests before committing. Changing keymap is always fuzzy ...

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Hm, but that's against the Blender convention then. They lasso select with the Action mouse, not with the Select mouse I-m so happy

Draise, what's your opinion here? LMB or Select mouse? Smile

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Quick decision, back to Left Mouse Button. That way we also catch the Blender default.

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Fixed in master

Good that i have checked it again. You better go through the items one by one, there's still a few other tools that uses EVT_TWEAK_A . And they get replaced then too when you choose replace all.

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Draise, i leave this task open until you have fixed the lasso select tools in the full keymap too.

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Assigned: Reiner » Draise
Status: Active » Needs work
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Ok ok, I'm trying to catch up.

So you changed the dynamic EVENT_TWEAK_A to be a permanent EVENT_TWEAK_L so it's always L click mouse even if the user switches "L click select/R click action" toggle in the preferences? AH, but that didin't work. Ok, so you went with the option of keeping it dynamic but with _S (L click default).

So.. should Lasso select whole keymap be changed to EVENT_TWEAK_S instead of CTRL+EVENT_TWEAK_A? Do I remove the modifier CTRL? Or we keep the modifier CTRL whole map wide just chaning to _S? Just confirming before applying.  


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What exactly did not work? It works just fine here Shok

Sorry for confusiong you. Not S for select, L for LMB. S for Select mouse was just a quick experiment until i stumbled across that Blender uses the Action mouse for select here. So we need LMB in both cases.

And of course we keep Ctrl. That's how the lasso tool works. Holding down control, then drag the left mouse.

And as told, pick the operators one by one. There are a few operators that still uses the Action Mouse Smile

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Ok, fixed in the full keymap.

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Status: Needs work » Closed (fixed)