Grease Pencil not working in VSE view editor

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In the sidepanel, there are grease pencil UI with layers and colour, and technically you should be able to draw over imges/videos like the grease pencil workflow elsewhere.. but the shortcut and feature appears to be broken and not working. Nothing happens.

I tested the shortcuts in Blender and there is no problem with the GP in the VSE.
I use the GP in the editor a lot. It would be nice to have this looked into. GP does work in node editor and image viewers.


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Fri, 02/16/2018 - 21:10
Sun, 02/25/2018 - 22:59


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Here we have a problem. You know that i will never touch the VSE. I couldn't even test the broken feature, i don't know the workflow. And i don't want to know it.

You could give at least hint if there's a console warning or something. Maybe it works with the Blender keymap. Then it's a hotkey conflict.

From what i can see though, also in Blender the Grease pencil is simply broken in VSE. No button to activate drawing, no hint how to use it, no nothing. The usual GP panel in the tool shelf is missing since the VSE has no tool shelf here. And it is also missing in the properties sidebar.

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Tested with Blender hotkeys, tested with different hotkeys, tested the console. Nothing. It just doesn't activate. The grease pencil layers, edit and colour panel do exist in the VSE, the workflow is the same as elsewhere, minus the toolshelf ui entries  - they are just located in the properties shelf instead with a slightly different layout. They exist just to the right instead of left, even with ability to edit GP at a vertex level.

This is the only video editing software with a grease pencil included that I know of and with that, it's the only reason I cannot migrate to any other video editor (also the lack of compatibility with editing 3D scenes directly as if video). How can I try fix this? Where do I compare code with Blender and VSE? Should I post this in Blender stack exchange or something for more clues? I need this.. specially to direct animation reviewing my animators work from other software. 

I tested with older version of BFA 0.9.5 and the dev build too. The grease pencil hotkeys appear to be working ok elsewhere, but maybe they are conflicting with D for focus. But the fact that I remove the D for focus, and changed shortcuts to Blender defaults not fixing the issue, I am not sure what is up. I will try look and see if VSE has other grease pencil entries that are not common to grease pencil in general. I will double check the hotkeys and see what could be happening. Maybe there is a conflicting addon somewhere.

Console has been giving me an error (probably to the Autorigger addon?) with a missing operator:

search for unknown operator 'OBJECT_OT_set_vsr', 'OBJECT_OT_set_vsr'
Warning: property 'input_vsr' not found in keymap item 'OperatorProperties'"

A (not so great) solution would be removing that feature and VSE panels and the only way i could use it is by putting the GP into a 3D scene, loading the 3D scene into the Video Editor, and... not be able to overlay to any footage from any thridparty animation system or videos. 

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I cannot fix what i cannot test, sorry. I still don't even know about what hotkey you are even talking. And in what windows you are.

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D+leftclick for draw grease pencil.

Window with the image of footage. Top right.

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D Left Click is working here. So i think it's one of your modifications that makes trouble. Maybe your startup file.

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Hmm... I will do a factory reset and see what's up. I will also troubleshoot the addons and see which might cause the conflict. Thanks for the patience..


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I would keep my hands away from factory reset, and simply temporary remove the whole Bforartists folder in the app data. Rename it to Bforartists_old for example.


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Draise, have you catched this one meanhwile?

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I did the rename, and it fixed the issue, but now I will have to resetup what I had and try figure out what exactly went wrong. 


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Copied everything back into a new folder for the use rsettings.. and for some reason it's working again. Closing.......???

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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That's development Biggrin

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VSE Transforms addon caused the issue. Isolated it.

I will see if they fixed that update and why it was causing the conflict....