Fractal Fashion

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Weekend Challenge Time! - This weeks theme was "Fractals".

My entry isinspired by fractals in nature & fashion photography.
100% pure, modeled / generated in BforArtists and rendered with cycles.
1.6 million faces, so I had to switch to CPU render for this one. Excessive use of the tissue addon for the clothing patterns. - The character mesh is generated with manuelbastioniLAB. - Minor color & contrast adjustments in Affinity Photo afterwards.

This is also the simplest lighting setup I ever did I believe; one large light plane as the keylight from the right and an ultra dim HDRI for the bounce light and the reflections.

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The lighting reminds me of David Hamilton's photography from the 1970s, and the colors are pleasing. Still, I wonder whether this woman could actually walk very far in this outfit if she were a real person. The huge hat on her head is bound to teeter, then fall off, and she is likely to trip on all of the frills unless she pulls them up above her ankles. She would have to balance her hat with one hand, and hold up her skirt with the other as she walks. That would be an awkward maneuver on an actual fashion runway.


George A. Rushing

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This looks really great. I love the colors and the lighting.

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