Flying Disc

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A custom-made flying disc designed for a fictitious Irish flying disc enthusiast called Aidan O'Brien. It consists of a mylar and polyethylene laminate, which gives it a semi-metallic lustre. Next to it is a plastic box of adhesive bandages for the occasional cut or scrape.

Aidan is a member of one of the clubs belonging to the Irish Flying Disc Association, and a star player of the game of Ultimate, formerly known as Ultimate Frisbee. He sometimes misses a catch, and gets a flying disc cut over one of his eyes. Hence, the need for the bandages.

The tartan in the background is an approximation of the County Dublin tartan. To avoid copyright or registration infringement, it is not the actual tartan design that is being used here. The genuine tartan design is owned by the House of Edgar.

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A nice image. I love the colors Smile

It's a bit underexposed though. You give away lots of contrast.

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Hello Reiner,

Thanks for your comments. I have replaced the first image with a brighter one. It does make the ripples around the boss more apparent, which I couldn't correct by the usual means of a loop cut and slide or inset faces. Therefore, in the first image I opted for a wee bit of gloom to make the ripples less apparent.


George A. Rushing

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That's better imho Smile

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