Flamenco Dance

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This weeks theme for the weekend challenge over at blenderartists was "Passion".

When looking for inspiration I stumbled upon a series of flamenco photos, where the red dress of the dancer formed incredibly dynamic shapes. From there I created an abstract interpretation of the movement by simulating a fabric and then manipulating it with the lattice and mesh edit tools. I used tissue to give some extra texture and detail to the fabric.

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy modeling and rendering. Wink


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Hello DAVIS,

I have actually watched flamenco dancers, and the passion was found in the almost palpable sexual tension between a male and female dancer. In the throes of the dance, it is as if their bodies were on the dance floor, but in their minds and hearts they were somewhere else doing something that I can't mention on this forum. If you have captured even 10% of that in an abstract manner, then bravo.


George A. Rushing

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Looks like a timelapse of them dancing. How'd you get all the spikes?


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The spikes were done with the "tissue" addon. - It distributes a selected mesh on each polgon of a target mesh. Quite handy for three dimensional patterns and to create complex geometry quite easily.