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Here I will track and post strategies and updates to the facebook page to keep things open and clear.


-Publish youtube content also to Youtube
-Showcase gallery art
-Highlight important forum threads
-Highlight announcements
-Hightlight program features
-Highlight workflow improvements
-Promote new releases
-Promote user discussion (with time)
-Increase downloads and social awareness
-Target potential markets/fans

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Wed, 10/04/2017 - 19:08
Fri, 12/15/2017 - 09:44


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Bumped a video "Why the Blender Fork" and it runs at around 300 views. Likes are up to 130.

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Been posting once a day during week. Up to around 300 and more likes. I am starting to make a feature mention/bug fix mention every so often too. They have gotten good feedback.


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Great news, Kee up the good work Smile

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Almost 400likes now, not bad Biggrin

What about feedback in the various groups you were posting in? Is there any? A like is easy to get, real engagement in a discussion is better though. Maybe also encourage people to post questions and images on the BfA facebook page? - A share and like contest also always works great, you could give away a free copy of BfA.^^ ... Just kidding, but maybe someone would like to sponsor something?

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I haven't done any cross pollination in any groups yet. I have not made my Group index yet to know where I'm hitting. I only published in a couple, and someone commented that it was a good alternative. Another, the Softimage group, made quite a bit of discussion, infact some people proposing it or thinking about working through it happened.

At the moment my first publicity phase is this for now, till I'm out of the deadlines I have:
-Thank Yous for new followers
-Upload Youtube repertoire
-Invest in page likes target ads and Videos (just a couple of dollars a day)
-[Image of the Day] from Gallery
-[UI Feature Fix] posts from tracker tasks highliting differences in Blender and BFA, soon to publish. I did one experiment, would like to do more later.
-Developer Call to action (did one so far)

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Sounds like a plan. I think the gamefromscratch review is definetely something to post up there as well. A true second oppinion might convince even more people than just the "official" videos.



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Facebook page is up and running fine. So closing this task Smile

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