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easy material editor
easy material editor
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BfA´s material editor
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it should look like this

laughit should look like this material editor textures and bump itplaugh




it would be nice if someone would have this addition



Reorganizing the in panel

Reorganizing the in panel shader editing workflow is what you're proposing?



Hey cinema4d,

Hey cinema4d,

I have deleted your other posting. One thread about the issue is enough Smile

Isn't this this the material editor from C4D?

To turn the Bforartists material system into the C4D material system would be too big. This fork is mainly about UI improvements. To rewrite the material system goes far behind this goal. But maybe you can clarify the one or another detail that you want.

We will have a look what we can do after porting Blender 2.8 to Bforartists.

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how would it be arranged from

how would it be arranged from color to the glow, the left side of the porous panel with texturami, noise that suits each individual color, bump lumina etc.


it would greatly improve the work of your users better
an amateur or professional was found
  It would be great if the additive came to production





I am not sure, if I

I am not sure, if I understand correctly what you are trying to say, but the connection you show on the screenshot is exactly, what the "node editor" in BforArtists does. - I would strongly suggest, to try and learn the concept of the node editor, since it is a far superior material editor to a list based one as C4d or the original 3dsmax one. Granted, it is not as easy to use for beginners and requires some learning but offers much more possibilities in the end. And if you prefer the list based layout for editing materials you can always use the list on the right to do so.

As told, the material editor

As told, the material editor in Blender, and so in Bforartists, differs completely from the one in Cinema 4D. This is nothing that we can do.

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I mean layout like in the picture which I sent on this note Please think about it I know it's not cinema 4d but simple options are handy and more easily absorbed by most users

I see, if that is a good way

I see. If that is a good way to work for you, then you can simply create a material that contains all the settings you want to use just once and save it to the material library. This template will then work just like you describe depending on the different elements you put in there.

As you see on the screenshot, the nodes from the node editor are also reflected 1 on 1 in the sidebar menu.

I hope that helps?


I'm talking about materials or stuff
such a rebellion

I thiiiink I get it. You want

I thiiiink I get it. You want an organized pre-made configurable stack. Blender/Bforartists has a stack with a lot of hidden options built around nodes. I guess you would prefer a default that already has a lot of the hidden options displayed in the stack. That is understandable.

In that case, making a better default with not so many things hidden would make sense.


I think I do understand; -

I think I do understand; - what I was saying is that you can create a template material yourself, that has all the features of the Cinema4d material editor right in it. - So when you assign it to an object you can change all the colors and parameters like brightness contrast directly in the list on the right. You can see an example in the screenshot above. - Or am I still missing something? - Anyway I think it would be good for you to watch a few Blender tutorials on the material editor so you can get a better understanding of how it works if you are planing on using BfA for your projects. Wink