Drone Race

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Another weekend challenge entry. I modeled the drone in Fusion 360, but put everything together in BforArtists and rendered it with Cycles.

This weeks theme was "spinning things", which inspired me to do a concept design of an AR drone. - It features two forward facing cameras, to provide a true 3d view to the pilot. The body is molded from carbon, three dimensionally around the components.

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Hello, DAVIS. Sorry to embarrass you, but controller is spelled, c-o-n-t-r-o-l-l-e-r. Otherwise, the image is a very realistic representation of an aerial drone. It would be clever if it had a claw underneath for retrieving a cup of coffee in a sack from the nearest Starbucks.


George A. Rushing

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Man you're quick at pumping out these images. Good work! I like the carbon texture you used.


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Yes, there is no better way to learn than to use a software on a complete project. - Those weekend challenges are great, because it forces me to finish something relatively quick. In the process I constantly look up other tools I might use. I am still far from a fast workflow in BfA, compared to other software, but I am getting there, ... slowly.^^ ... It´s for sure fun to crank out a finished rendering every week or so.

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The carbon material is really great Smile

Full points from me!

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It's so easy with the principaled shader, I just plugged in the texture to the color slot and adjusted the highlight strength, roughness and clearcoat till the preview looked like intended. - The realtime rendering also helps enormously to quickly find the right material settings.