Dragon's egg in cold storage

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This image was several days in the making, because I wasn't sure what I was going to put in cold storage. The rippled frost layer effect on the walls is a result of both lighting and texture. Texturing gave it its start, and lighting completed it. The effect is like opening a freezer and seeing the snowy frost layers inside, except that they accumulate most behind the egg.

The rippled frost effect was unintentional, created simply by adding a narrow plane with an emission shader in the corner of the locker and adding a glare filter to it. This was before I added the dragon's egg, when I only had a cloud texture on the floor and walls. After I added the egg I used the glare filter's Ghosts glare type, and it came out  looking like rippled layers of frost because of the texture I used. I used the Ghosts glare type because dragons are supernatural beings, and I wanted to convey that idea. The rippled frost effect was a "happy accident," as Bob Ross would say. Sorry, no icicles because there is no melting ice.

The emission shader makes it look like the egg glows warmly with an eldritch light next to the cold walls, to protect the embryo inside from the sub-freezing temperatures. It still needs its mother to hatch though. Wait till she finds out who took it. She'll be really steamed!


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I like this one.



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Thanks. Many people these days like dragons, or at least dragon slayers.

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