Disable the Video Sequence editor and its dependencies

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You have to develop, document and maintain what is available. We already spead very thin with just the basic features. Video Sequence Editor is imho not worth to be kept. A pain to work with, not really good documented, and too much better free alternatives around.

Task: disable the Video sequence editor, and everything connected to it.

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Mon, 11/16/2015 - 10:01
Wed, 04/06/2016 - 10:09


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Title: Disable the Video Sequence editors and its dependencies » Disable the Video Sequence editor and its dependencies
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Oookay. This is definitely not a short time goal. I thought i can get away with disabling the menu entry and a few lines of code. But the enum for the menu is already the list of available editor types. And when i remove an editor type from the enum then i get errors. And when i fix them, then i get more errors. And when i fix them, then even more. I gave up at the point where the keymaps started to throw an obscure error. This one needs much deeper investigation. It's not as easy to disable than the game engine, and much deeper integrated. Which makes it a long term goal.

For now i have removed the video editing layout. And added a deprecated warning to the tooltip of the editor types menus. The normal / new user will not see this menu anyways since it is hidden now by default.

Commit: https://github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/commit/696c56a7f7e2505cd95f33...

I will try to tackle it again when i have more understanding how the editor types are implemented. We need to implement two new editor types anyways. So this one is not forgotten. Just postponed.

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Stays postponed until we stumble across it again. The VSE is currently out of the way and doesn't really disturb the further work.

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Decided to keep it as it is. Marked as deprecated, but it stays available.

Closed as fixed.

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