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I was testing the SKP import/export plugin and came up with this

Sketchup to BFA rendered in Cycles

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Hello NIGEC,

Thanks for posting this. I'm not sure what the egg-like object is next to the lamp, but the color and lustre remind me of some Tahitian pearls that I used to see at my local Mikimoto pearl jewelry store. The image overall is a bit dark, but considering that it is lit by a single small light source it is not unreasonably dark. It reminds me of a scene from one of the old Gene Colan/Tom Palmer Dr. Strange comics of the late 1960s - it has that sort of mood. Cheers.


George A. Rushing

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Thanks for the comments Smile

the sphere  is the Sentinel from the film Phantasm, I used that to see if the Sketchup geometry screwed up inside BFA, it was modelled years ago and I just cut holes in a sphere so if anythng was going to cause issues it was going to be that  Smile

Lighting it has a light behind the camera as well,  I used Cycles toon shaders and set the light quite big which softened the toon effect


I'll post a close up of the Sentinel later today



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This is the 3 blade type, I wasn't happy with the one rendered in the original scene

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Beautiful. So this addon imports Sketchup files? I would use this. I have been using Collada and cleaning up geometry.



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Thanks Smile

You can find the plugin here:

It seems to work better with SU2016 or earlier files, don't use the textures that come with Sketchup, make your own materials otherwise it will fail, also export components rather than groups.. it doesn't work with BFA 0.9.6 its the wrong version of Python .. I think