Combine and mix Object>Display and Armature>Display into a Properties Sidepanel

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In the Shading Panel in the Properties sidepanel, there are Wiretools that apply viewport shader options to objects, like wireframe and others either globally or locally with a toggle buttons to apply changes to "Only Selection" (which I like, a lot, in the Wire Tools). In the object tab of the Properties panels you can also apply viewport shader options, including name, xray and others. With the recent idea of combining the idea of Wireframe Display options into the same Shader Panel - why not all of them in one single place and away from the Object Display, removing it completely? 

Why not combine the Object>Display and the double entry Armature>Display options (including Wire Tools) into the one and the same panel within the Properties Sidepanel then removing the Properties Object>Display and Armature>Display area?


  • Because at the moment it seems if I want to change the way I see an object either globally or locally in the scene, I have to go to three different areas of the UI with different naming conventions to do a mixture of object shader visibilities tags, including wire frame, draw type, name/axis, wireframe, xray, armature bones, etc. It's just everywhere, in the Shading>Wire Tools Panel, in the Object>Display, even in the Armature>Display with double entries.
  • Becaue the Object Display options is often necessary in rigging, and with 3 other rigging tabs in use in the same process, switching to this tab in the object setting or to the armature tab (away from constraints and bones) to just change a setting away from my rigging tabs is a little annoying and takes away time - especially when I could have them logically in the Properties Sidepanel.. OR you could just use the double entry in the Armature>Display but still have to switch a tab. 

Pro's to putting Armature>Display and Object>Display into the sidebar with "Only Selection" toggle:

  • Will be more consistent with the Wire Tools using "Selection Only" toggle to apply visibility options with all visibility workflows - which is a good one once you know how it works. (maybe two collapseable panel areas, one for global, and others for selection only)
  • All object/armature display options will be in one place (instead of three)
  • Will be at an easier access in a sidepanel in the 3D viewport instead of a properties panel tab, making all viewport modifications in the same area
  • Will be a logical property in a 3D View sidepanel to search for instead of digging through property tabs and panels for beginners.
  • Will remove double entry during the rigging process when view types are toggled in another tab (armature, bone, bone constraint - removing the Object>Display double entry when editing armature visibility)
  • Ability to create buttons with icon toggles instead of check boxes and text only - making it more "visual" as those toggles are.
  • May be a key development to the Eevee viewport system in 2.8, as things will be more viewport centric and will need.. I imagine.. huge updates to be consistent with a general viewport workflow.


  • Could be hard to implement in the code
  • Would require also editing the Armature Display options to be consistent with the Sidepanel
  • Might be easier to just put the Wiretools into the Display panel instead and away from Properties Side Panel>Shading
  • Might make a rather large and convoluted "Shading" sidepanel. Maybe a new "Visibility" tab may need to be created, or a large clean up in the "Shading" tab.
  • May influence other panels in the Sidebar, like View, Display and Shading (to not make a new one, but shift things around to be more logical)
  • Sidepanel will need to be dynamic on selection as much as the light, armature and object visibility options change, with only the common options toggled when nothing is selected or global application is applied - which could be hard to code - unless you have a global toggle area and a local toggle area that would only need to be half as dynamic.

This one is out of my league... so.. I guess this is really more a feature request. But I like it due to minimizing workflow, keeping things in one place, and also making it accessible in the 3D viewport, very much in line with BFA.


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why not all of them in one single place and away from the Object Display, removing it completely? 

Because it is not so easy to categorize as you describe here. And so it needs to happen at a case by case base. But we will come to it.

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Looking forward to it.

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Have thought about this again and again. We cannot do what you want here. This breaks the UI concept. The properties sidebar is for general viewport settings. Plus the transform panel. You cannot mix object settings with it. Object related settings should remain in the Properties editor if possible. The user should know where he should start to search. And when we start to distribute the things wild across the UI then we reach the exact opposite of what we want to achieve.


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