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Another weekend challenge entry. This weeks theme was "natural crystals".
My first idea was to go with the (for me) obvious and do a scifi interior, where some sort of technical device would harvest energy from a crystal rock. - However I wanted to challenge myself more and instead created my first character design in years. The model has a lot of flaws, but I learned so much about sculpting, hair and texture painting on this one; it was definitely a very valuable exercise.

Chrizzy; guess what, she is a rapper and coincidentally her new album is called "natural crystals", what are the odds? I-m so happy ... For the cover shot she wears a designer robe covered in crystals to match the theme of her album.Wink

More images can be found in the weekend challenge thread>>>

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At first glance I thought it was a photo negative. It looks like a Romulan teenager in rebellious attire, seeking to publicly embarrass her parents. Maybe I've seen too many Star Trek themed television series and movies.

George A. Rushing

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Haha, yes, that could as well be. At first I thought of a more phantasy like setting, something like a "crystal queen". But in the end I liked a contemporary setting best for this character.