Christmas Greeting

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A Christmas greeting in the form of stirling silver filigree ornaments hanging in front of a sign by silver chains. The sign is a walnut panel painted with a green background and an Irish American tartan border on top and bottom. The lettering is painted wood pieces bonded to the background.


"Don't peek at your gifts. Wait 'til Christmas!"

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Vibrant colors I-m so happy

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Thanks for the unique seasonal greetings It´s cool to see, that you imagine how all of this is made and what the real materials would be.

Merry Christmas to you too and everyone else on the forum.

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Hello DAVIS,

I imagine these things because I used to make items by hand from sterling silver wire. I made my own chains, and wove my own meshes, and secured it all without solder. I quit doing it because it was a lot of work, and it didn't sell well enough for me to earn a living at it.

Making filigree ornaments such as these out of fine guage silver wire would require many solder points, or the ornaments would have to be cast. It would require a master silversmith to design the intricately detailed mould, and I don't know any silversmiths who will work for what I can afford to pay them.

It's therefore much easier to imagine the ornaments and 3D model them, than it is to actually make them. 3D printing technology is still too crude for such intricate work, especially for an ornament to survive all of the deburring and polishing in the finishing process. Who knows though - perhaps Tiffany & Company will some day have a 3D printer designed for them that will enable their goldsmiths and silversmiths to print such items with a high degree of quality.


George A. Rushing

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Thanks George.


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You're welcome. Christmas is not everyone's favorite holiday, but it seems to touch most people in some way. Maybe it's the memory of past Christmases, especially from childhood. This was designed to suggest a Christmas tree and gifts beneath, without actually modelling a Christmas tree and gifts. It's more of a symbolic representation of the generosity and goodwill of the Christmas season.


George A. Rushing