Change 3d Manipulators Shortcuts to WER and WER to Shift-WER

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This is a change that I did to the default keymap, that significantly speeds up things for me.

I usually use the 3d manipulator gumballs to move, rotate and scale objects. Switching quickly between them is quite important for that reason. So I suggest to change the default move, rotate, scale shortcuts, W,E,R to switch between the different manipulators and use Shift-W,E,R as a replacement of the original shortcuts.

Anyway I see the 3d manipulators as a better tool for beginners to use, since they represent the visual approach to the UI, that BfA takes, much better. The default WER functions are quite abstract in a way, since there is no screen representation of what they do, while with the manipulators, what you see is what you get.

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This is something for the experimental keymap then.

But i can already say that we run into a inconsistency with that change. WER is used to move rotate and scale in all other editor types too. So if even then the manipulator keys should be the ones with shift.

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I don´t think that will feel like an inconsitency, since in any other editor the WER keys are only used to move things in two dimensions, like nodes, keyframes or UVs. And the user would be used to press those buttons intuitively already, just in case Shift-WER could be used as a secondary shortcut there as well, to not confuse users that try to move things the same way as in the 3d view.

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Ah, that's how you do it. You could just place the toggle on the same move. Blender may cascade the function, as you can toggle the widget with release, same hotkey, and use transform with press.. then no need to change anything, and the widget just toggles when you move, rotate, scale keyboard wise. Naturally. 

Press = WER normal
Release = WER Widget toggle
One key stroke for the purpose. No key combo. Keep it simple.

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Sounds also good, but then you would have to keep the key pressed while e.g. moving something? - That could cause some twisted fingers though if you would try to lock the move to one axis and type in the amount to move while keeping the key pressed at the same time.

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Ah, couldn't get it going. Transform goes into a mode, and thus overrides the secondary keystroke action.

I would recommend the manipulator toggles secondary with modifier. Most UI friendly 3D software puts transform first, widget second. Less mouse exactness to move things. 

ALT is reset that transform, so maybe SHIFT or CTRL would be better.

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I think the manipulators are actually more powerfull than the move, rotate, scale commands. They have the same functionality, but locking the axis is done visually in the viewport without the need to press any keys. Numeric input is also supported, so if I want to move something 5 units in the x axis I can simply click and hold the x axis, type 5 and the object moves the desired amount. - For me the manipulators could simply replace the "tradtional" hotkey Move, Rotate and Scale function.

Maybe give it a try for a small project to see if that is something that might benefit the workflow in BfA?

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Again, you will have my veto when you try to change the wer keys. It's an appwide standard. And you should not break it. One way to go would be to use the shift -wer keys for the manipulators. But wer must remain navigation.

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As I said, it works way better for me with WER assigned to changing the manipulators, so I thought I should share it for consideration, that´s all.

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It is considered. You just need to solve it in another way Smile

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Another thought, why the need to switch between the manipulator types at all? With holding down shift and clicking at the buttons you can activate all three modes at once. We could make this the Bforartists default.

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I know, but this is way to cluttered to use properly unfortunately. Since the direction of the scale and move axis are overlapping, it is very hard to get the right one. - Rhino uses a great manipulator, where all the different elements are kept apart from each other. Of course you are right, if it would be possible to keep all manipulators up at all time there would not be any need for switching between them. This is just a workaround.

The other solution would be to change the manipulators themself to work all at the same time without overlapping. - I am not sure how easy it would be to flip all of the axis of the scale manipulator and scale them, so the ends of the manipulators won´t interfere with each other?

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I see. Okay, was worth a shot.

You can work that way. Grab the triangle at the top to move, grab the square handler to scale. But yes, it's a bit awkward.

I have no idea how hard it is to change the manipulator widget. This would be another task then. But here i wait for Blender 2.8. They want to improve the widget system.

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Part of the experimental keymap. This one relies at the official full keymap. And this full keymap does not exist yet.


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Ported to Github. Closing.

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