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We have a whole crazy menu with buttons to turn other buttons on or off. The Bone settings menu.

The question goes to the animators out there: does this menu make any sense? Is it really speeding up the workflow significantly to adjust the settings by this menu instead in the properties editor? Or should we remove it?

Draise, what is your opinion here?

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Fri, 02/02/2018 - 18:28
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The submenu entry is used to toggle all bone selections Deform and Multiply. From the properties panel this is not the case, only applied to individual bones.The properties tab is pretty good as it is a per bone thing and I use it often, easy to get to, in a logical place (bones tab ). I use it a lot of rig building. Nearly 50-75% of the bones I build need to have these settings changed - so I prefer it out of a sub menu... but for arguement sake, the sub menus have a feature that the panel has not - it applies to all selected. 

Things I'd do:

  • Remove Deform entry in submenu
  • Remove Multiply Vertex Group with Envelope
  • Change "Multiply" under the deform panel to have the name above (if.. they are the same thing?)
  • Add to the "Deform" and "Multiply" toggle per bone to have a button to "Apply Deform toggle to bone selection" to replace the feature of the Sub Menu. Without the submenu, I'd have to toggle "Deform" one bone by one by one... which would be a pain.  Blenders infamous "Active over Selected" bites yet again...
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Thanks for the suggestions and clarification Smile

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Question of the task is cleared. Remains iconizing. Closing this one as a duplicate of this task here:

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