[Blog] My mascot finally.. in 3D

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I've had this little guy planned for about a year and a half. I've iterated his design with the drawings of my brother more than half a dozen times. And now we are putting him into 3D, out of need. We need a mascot, we need a character to sell us, put our message out there.

The Beauty:
And, I have discovered something beautiful, sculpting and modeling tools go hand in hand in Bforartists/Blender. I never knew how comfortable it is. This guy is practically ready to animate already, and I could sculpt him while building him.

PS. I've recorded the process.

Work in Progress
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Cute mascott, I really like the sketches. - Only the proportions of the hands and arms of the 3d version look a little strange to me. Can´t wait to see that guy in an animation. Biggrin

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Good eye! Yeah, I have yet to figure out the proportions. First I'm getting the topology right, then will fix out the proportions. Sculpting changes in Bforartists is a real breeze.