Blender render poison with matcaps | faked Refflexes

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poison magic
blender render
faked reflexes
low poly art for blender game engine

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Hello Lack of Love,

If that's a stopper at the top of this glass object, then maybe it's an oddly shaped cognac bottle and you have no lack of love for spiritous liquors. The neck should be longer, and I'm not sure what the metal frame is for except to protect the glass from chipping and breaking. Or maybe it's not a cognac bottle, but a bottle intended for some other poison. Still, I do like it, even without the cognac.


"All things merry and bright on Christmas night!"

George A. Rushing

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I like how it looks. I can't quite pinpoint what it is, but I guess it's.... a vessel of some sort? A tank of liquid?