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Become a developer FAQ

Why do you need to ask first to become a developer?

There are several reasons why you need to ask to become a developer. The number one reason is of course the spammer problem. A developer has several special rights. He can modify the wiki for example. And we would have a hard time when we would allow spammers to edit our documentations. Because we simply cannot say if a new user is a spammer or not. That's why we need to sort the users that wants to become developers.

How should you aks to become a developer?

As yo wish. It's not bound to any form. I'm as happy with a "Yo, make me developer" as with a "Dear sir ..."

It would be interesting to know in which area you want to work though. When you're a programmer, and want to work at a special module, then write it. When you want to work at the wiki, then write it. When you just want to have a look, and love to stand at the fence for a while, then write it.

You can either drop a note in this forum section. Or you can write a PM to one of the admins or moderators.

Who can become a developer?

Everybody who is interested in the development of Bforartists. Most needed are of course programmers. But also wiki writers in all areas. As well as tutorial writers. Or even web developers. You think that you can help? then join and help Smile

What is the gain of becoming a developer?

You will be able to develop for Bforartists. Note that you will still need to register to Github.
You will be able to modify all the wiki pages.
Your Avatar will have the "developer" label then.
Developers that contributes gets of course also listed in the credits section.
You will have access to the Developer forum, which is hidden for normal users.


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