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Another weekend challenge entry. This weeks theme was "80s technology" - One thing I remember very well form the pre digital age are compact cassettes, used both for playing music and storing computer games. I-m so happy

I modeled the cassette in Fusion 360 but spend ten times more time in BforArtists working on the scene, materials and lighting for this one. The goal was to go as photorealistic as possible this time. - Cycles is really awesome for something like this. Rendertime for the 3000x2000px image was about two hours on a 1060 & 750ti card combined.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Hello Davis,

It all looks very photorealistic, except the magnetic tape. The tape seems a bit a too thick, and not as shiny and reflective as the real thing on the non-magnetic side. I do understand how difficult it would be to depict it accurately, and you certainly deserve credit for giving it a go.


George A. Rushing

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MY WORD! Your best work yet! Good job on the shaders! and the modeling is not too shabby either. Great work! I would love this as a new splash for BFA haha! 


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Yay, memories ... \o/

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Thanks guys. Biggrin

@Draise, yes, I was also thinking about the spash screen, not sure how well this would work with the logo though. And as mentioned, the case of the cassette is modeled in Fusion 360, not in BfA, since hard surface stuff with lots of detailed cut outs is way easier to achieve with a solid modeler than with polymodeling techniques.

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Dapdadapdapda. ... This was actually the winning entry of the weekend challenge this time. :DD

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Hello Davis,

Congratulations. Time to break out the bubbly. Make mine Bollinger RD 2002.


George A. Rushing