Awesome Badass NinjaBots

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Another entry for a weekend challenge at the blenderartists forum. This weeks theme: "Robots"

For this I went with an android style robot concept. The idea is simple, "nothing is more badass, than ninjas and robots, except for Ninja Robots." I-m so happy - This might be a concept for a new TV series, kind of a mashup between Deadpool and the PowerRangers. - The title of the show... "Awesome, Badass, NinjaBots". Biggrin

Have a great weekend everyone, keep modeling and rendering. Wink

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Great work Smile

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They look scary. I noticed you were pitching this one as a splash screen!

I have to admit, the chest plates look very similar to shoulder blades, but the rest is really good.




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Hello Davis,

They are rather thin. Otherwise, the chainmail on the neck of the lighter colored one is a nice touch.


George A. Rushing