Add tabs to switch between the standard layouts

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The dropdown box to switch between the layouts is fuzzy, and cries for wrong clicks. Better would be to have tabs for at least the standard layouts.

Task, add tabs to switch between the standard layouts. Of course not like in the screenshot. But with text buttons.

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Sun, 09/18/2016 - 10:51
Mon, 09/19/2016 - 12:28


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Fixed in master:

Not ideally implemented. Initially i wanted to enumerate the existing layouts. But then i get buttons with the full layout name. And the last layout button is somewhere in the neighbour flat then. But we need something with fixed size.

So i have hardcoded the layout buttons, with maximum three letters. And just allow to switch between the six most important layouts that way. For the rest and own layouts you need to use the dropdown box again.

The second issue is that you can rename and remove the layouts in the dropdown box. which is bad. Since then the buttons becomes disfunctional. And you shouldn't be able to break functionality from the surface. But i haven't found a way to implement a check if the layout exists.

if['Default'] is not None:

did not do the trick. I have put a warning into the tooltip instead.

What did also not work is to color the active layout. The Blender UI does not allow that. And even the way across icons doesn't work.

Anyways, we have the tabs and we have the functionality. That's 90% of the job already. I may return to it at a later point.

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