3d Structure Visualization

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This is the structure of a lampshade I am working on at the moment. - I used Bforartists to create the base element, Rhino and Grasshopper to create the overall structure and then I brought the model back into BfA to thicken and smooth the mesh for 3d printing.

Oh, and I also animated it Biggrin :   Watch in motion. >>>>

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Really cool work. Have you ever tried building something like this parametrically with Sverchok or something similar?



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This is built parametrically in Grasshopper for Rhino. The base element gets arrayed and then deformed onto a target surface. The base element can be edited and all of them update automatically, same goes for the amount of elements and the shape of the target surface.

Sverchok works very similar to Grasshopper, although it is of course limited to polygons while Rhino also supports Nurbs. - Sverchok actually means grasshopper in russian.^^

But I never got down to using it.

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Oh I had no idea! I pushed this to FB on the page. Love your work, you're like the flagship artist of Bforartists.