Planet Fungus

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A little snapshot from Planet Fungus.

Modeling, texturing and rendering in Bforartists. Textures and post processing in Gimp. Combining the fog, the god rays and bloom effect is made in Gimp for example. I couldn't be bothered to use the cumbersome onboard compositing for that. It's the whole node concept that bothers me. And you cannot paint in textures there ...

All in all this image has kept me busy for around two weeks. And was a very good test project. It has for example showed me that the texture painting workflow in Bforartists still needs lots of improvements - and we have already improved this area quite a bit. I was permanently at pulling and scrolling around. But that's future music. Porting Bforartists to Blender 2.8 is the time consuming challenge that must happen first. And then we must adapt to the new Blender 2.8 UI too ...

- Reiner

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Very nice, I can imagine Alice dancing around in this wonderland. Wink

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Can't stop dancing neither I-m so happy

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Nice work.

I noticed Blender can do some pre-nodal trees sometimes, via groups. Maybe we could build some basic trees for most workflows already included. The glare, bloom, godrays and all are all very easy to do once you get your head around it. So much so I prefer it over a raster "layer"  system in another software.

Concerning painting in textures in the node compositor, you technically can. You just need to save the texture somewhere, use the image editor in paint mode, and save the image - then it will auto update in the compositor.

I will be looking forward to the design direction of 2.8.. but no rush. Keep at the holidays! I think by then I'll know how to compile and have my programmers able to work better with me and the sourcecode. 



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Additions to the Materials Library VX addon is always welcome Smile

I think i'll add the example how to differently color instances at one point. Which i have done for the small point lights at the grass for example. They have different blue color each ...

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I made a song for the image ...

mytubethumb play
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