Nearly getting there.

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I have been working this week and the last trying to wrap up some projects. I am currently overtime on these videos, they both took longer than I expected. Most of the work has been done by my good pal Alejandro Perez, but there still is a lot of rendering/exporting to do. I have been spending this whole year working on migrating my workflow from Softimage/Mach Studio Pro2 to Bforaritsts/Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to increase the quality and still have high speed WYSIWYG rendering - but still work from free and/or opensource software. Fortuantely a fork of Blender has started tackling the UI of Blender - because I was stressing out. I was slow, it was clunky.... but now in Bforaritsts I am a little slower than Softimage, but still competitive. I have found my only major bottleneck is rigging/animation - as HD models can't be animated - and the FBX export to Unreal.. but I have also found this year some efficient workaround that have dropped that time in the bottle neck by nearly x10. I am feeling more and more powerful each day - ready to take on more clients.


So enjoy, a render from Unreal Engine built and animated in Blender/Bforartists

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I have that exact same shelf. I can say you did an excelent job.

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Thanks! My modeler Alejandro did a good job of it. I've been doing more lookdev on the shaders/lighting and final rendering.