#ArtvsArtists - Trinumedia 2018

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That's me, that's my work from 2013 to 2018 - my favorite pieces. Thought to share. The latest projects are done in Bforartists, and I will continue in that trend. Thanks for the development and for the opportunity and breath of freash air to work comfortably, freely and not alone with Bforartists. You have given me new hope after the demise of Softimage, so thanks again. I really do appreciate you all here. 

Can you guess which project was done in Bforartists/Unreal Engine?


  • Softimage
  • Bforartists
  • Blender
  • trueSpace
  • Unreal Engine
  • Inkscape
  • Krita
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Looking great! No chance to share the full animations? Those all look like fun stories to watch.

I believe the flowers give away the BfA project?

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Haha, yes, the one with the bear and flowers and tree log is the Bforartists/Unreal Engine project. 


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I like the fallen tree made into a house. It reminds me of the trees where the Keebler elves live in the Keebler commercials. I ate some baked goods while viewing it to set the proper mood. Well done.


George A. Rushing

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I like the log house as well Smile