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I am normally no big friend of social medias. From a developer point of view it is a time eater. I prefer to spend my time with writing code or a tutorial instead. But on the other hand, we need the contact to the users, to you. And so we need social media.

I personally heavily dislike Facebook. And so i have chosen Google+ instead. The account can be found here :

I am still a bit lost with the account settings. So when you have an idea how to improve the Bforartists Community at Google+, then you are very welcome Smile

You may also notice that the Bforartists page has now a Share sidebar. And the forum has now a like button. Enjoy Smile


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I understand your dislike towards social media.
But with it, you can further expand the user make and help make your project more know.

For example, by posting new updates on twitter as well, users can retweet those further, their followers will se it, take notice of it, maybe even tweet it further - this can help reach out more people and make them thibk, huh, didn't know about this, maybe I'll try it.

I only use Facebook for work related stuff and its messenger feature but am still lookinv at some group posts such as blender groups or unreal engine indie groups.

Word of mouth helps a alot, especially in this day and age, these tools are great at this.

Juat, want this project to get the recognition it deserves.
Just tried it over the weekend and damn, I really like it. Don't like the fact that Blender is way too shortcuts focused and it kept me from using it for more than 5 years.

You could appoint someone to manage the social media part of your project. It is a time waster though
You could at least start by posting new update short texts and copy paste it across all social media sites

Google+ even though I love Google, I admit it's dying, most groups I'm following on Google+ have been stagnatting for a few years now

I don't want to sound negative with this but I personally feel that the name might put many people off, it's basically saying that blender is not intended for artists, it's kinda attacking it. But that's just me.

Have a good one!

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Thanks for your thoughts Smile

As a side note, It is Be For Artists, not Blender for Artists. Nothing there to be offended by the name Smile

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