Dupli Extrude works in all modes, but in Dropdown it is just visible in Vertex select mode

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The dupli extrude tool works with all mesh select methods. But it is just visible in the Vertex select mode. It should be visible in the other modes too.

It seems that the dropdown box is in general a bit mixed up when i look at the edges only item that shows in vertices dropdown content ...

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Fri, 11/11/2016 - 18:48
Sun, 11/13/2016 - 09:26


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Wow, i have touched a can of worms here it seems. Individual only works with faces. Well, it works also with edges and vertices. But then the tool does not work like as for faces. It gives you the last operator for extrude only vertices then, and extrudes also not individually, but conform into one direction. Never noticed this before. Edit says: Blender works the same way. So this is not my fault. Doesn't make it any better though ...

The bug with dupli extrude is selfmade. The original Blender menu works as it should. I have to reinvest this chapter here ...

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In Blender Extrude individual is visible in all modes. It's not part of the dropdown menu, but an extra button below the dropdown box. So i won't touch this neither. Even when i find it a bit nasty to have the tool perform a normal extrude then instead of the individual method as promised. This makes the Extrude Individual imho obsolete, since there is also a extrude faces individual tool. But anyways. The tool exists, so it gets a menu entry. I will have a look in the manual if i find a hint for the differences.

Remains the issue with Dupli Extrude. Let's have a look to make it visible in all Mesh edit modes since it works in all modes.

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Not fully solved. It still hides when just vertices are selected.

Reopened ...

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